Why foster or adopt?


What motivates people like you to consider becoming approved as a resource parent?

Here are just a few reasons:

• You understand that kids do best in a safe, stable, and caring family.

• You want to provide a setting where kids will thrive. Research clearly demonstrates that for older teens, a family setting translates into less homelessness and lower dropout rates, outperforming even the best group homes.

• You want to “give back;” you look forward to working with teens and children, because you know what a critical difference a safe and stable home can be.    

• You’ve had experience with adoption, social services, and/or the child-welfare system and understand the unique challenges that kids and families involved in these systems experience.

• You have family or friends who may need help with raising children in a healthy, stable environment, or you’ve been a caregiver to family or friends in the past.

• You’re an empty-nester, and you are able to make a difference in a young person’s life.

• You’ve always wanted the opportunity to be a parent and nurture a young person to adulthood. 

Learn more about becoming the process to become a resource parent by attending an upcoming info-session, or contact our Resource Family Program Director, Tara Ignont at: tarai@youthhomes.org