Why Foster/Adopt?

In our experience, people of all walks of life make the decision to become a foster parent—many for very personal reasons.
Ultimately, someone who makes this decision understands that all kids deserve family, and do best in a safe, stable, and caring environment. Other reasons might include:

  • Wanting to provide a setting where kids will thrive. Research clearly demonstrates that for older teens, a family setting translates into less homelessness and lower dropout rates, outperforming even the best group homes.

  • You have a strong sense of wanting to ‘give-back’ to your community..         

  • Maybe you’ve had experience with adoption, social services, and/or the child-welfare system and want to put to use your understanding of the unique challenges that kids and families involved in these systems experience.

  • Perhaps you have family or friends who may need help with raising children in a healthy, stable environment, or you’ve been a caregiver to family or friends in the past

  • You’ve raised your biologically children and now you’re an empty-nester wanting to make a difference in the life of foster youth.

  • Maybe you’ve never had children of your own, but have always wanted the the opportunity to be a parent and nurture a young person to adulthood.