Residential treatment


Many of the young people who come to us need a stable and environment in which to heal, to recognize their innate strengths, to re-engage with school, prepare for work, and find a path to healthy adulthood. Youth Homes provides that therapeutic, safe and supportive environment. In addition to creating a positive environment, each of our residential programs also provides individual and family therapy by a licensed therapist or by a registered intern. We strive to involve residents’ families in their treatment whenever possible through supporting visits, regular check-ins, and family therapy. For those children who have become separated from their extended families, we use our Family Finding resources to bring these children and family members together.  

We can accommodate 24 boys and girls in four State-licensed, six-bed homes in Contra Costa County. Residential programs help young people build structure in their lives, establishing regular times for meals, homework, sports, chores, and other activities — all the elements that can create order from chaos. 

garden program

The Garden Program cultivates fresh produce, fruit — and fresh ideas. Launched several years ago, the Summer Job Program enables youth in the residential programs to have their first employment experience, learn job skills, and earn money. It also teaches them something important about where good food comes from — and sparks an interest in cooking and healthy eating, a key life skill. 


Q: What has been most helpful about the services you received over the last six months?
A: “Helping to understand it’s OK to feel like this. (Youth Homes) is here to help, and tomorrow is a new day.”
—YH Client


safe @ home

How does a kid get a good night’s sleep? By feeling safe and secure enough to fall asleep. Youth Homes has four state-licensed, six bed homes — which means we can accommodate up to 24 boys and girls, and guarantee that the structure is in place for them to take the first step to a healthier life in a secure environment.