Qualifications and criteria


Who can be a Resource Family? You can!

• Resource families can be traditional or non-traditional, a single parent, an LGBTQ family, a relative or a non-relative. 

• Your family can include kids of your own — whether adopted or biological. 

• Time commitments range from short-term to lifelong: emergency placement, respite care, helping one of our youth prepare to return to family, transition to independent living, legal guardianship, or adoption.

What kinds of kids do we work with? 

• Kids come to us because they are involved in the child welfare system for reasons of abuse, neglect, lack of safety, abandonment, drug and alcohol exposure, or other instability in their families of origin.

• We do not work with infants/babies. Our young charges range from age 4 to late teens/early twenties. 

• We specialize in pre-adolescents and teens, who, as a result of early trauma or instability, may have mental health, emotional, behavioral, academic, or developmental challenges.

• We help young people transition from our Short Term Residential Treatment Centers to a family setting, while providing continued supports and services.

• Our kids come from Contra Costa and surrounding counties.

Learn more about becoming the process to become a resource parent by attending an upcoming info-session, or contact our Resource Family Program Director, Tara Ignont at: tarai@youthhomes.org.