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Area of greatest need: unrestricted funding

An unrestricted donation provides Youth Homes the flexibility to apply the funds to the area of greatest need.

The youth served by Youth Homes have often experienced multiple and severe traumatic experiences. We have found that a treatment plan that takes a holistic approach, offering intensive skill building along with enrichment programming that complements our therapeutic interventions, gives our kids the best chance to go on to lead happy, healthy, and independent lives. Government funding for our therapeutic services is insufficient, in that it only pays for direct clinical practice, not the high level of supervision and non-clinical treatment that is critical to the healing process. Unrestricted donations give Youth Homes the flexibility we needs to provide the best possible care for our youth.


Cherry Lane Orchard: Capital support to improve infrastructure

Infrastructure support will enhance sustainability of the gardens and allow more youth to become involved and develop skills that lead to healthier and productive lives.

The gardens and orchard, located on the properties of Youth Homes residential programs, provide places of calm and comfort for youth experiencing the emotional burden of the multiple traumatic events they have experienced. Along with its calming environment, organic and nutritious fruits and vegetables, the garden also provides youth with the opportunity to gain work skills during our Summer Garden Jobs Program. Unfortunately, the severe weather in 2017 exacerbated problems with drainage and infrastructure which need to be repaired in order for the garden program to continue. The value and experiences the garden and orchard provide to our youth make this giving opportunity a priceless and very worthwhile investment.


Trauma-Informed Approach to Care: Expanding evidence-based training and programming

Help us incorporate two trauma-informed evidence-based theories into our practice in order to strengthen the services provided to youth.

The children served by Youth Homes have been exposed to at least one severe traumatic event, and more often or not, they’ve had multiple exposures over an extended period of time. Over the last 20 years the impact of childhood trauma has been extensively researched and we now know much more about the effects of childhood-trauma and trauma related stress. As a human service agency, we must strengthen our ability to provide valuable and transformative services, therefore,  it is critical to take our youth’s traumatic experiences into consideration when providing their care.

We will accomplish this by training staff in two evidence-based models: Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) and the Neurosequential Model (NMT). Applied together, these two methods will be particularly effective in reducing youths’ number of critical behavioral incidences, as well as increase skills needed to build relationships and function at a healthy level.


Improving Efficiencies: Electronic Health Record (EHR) system implementation

A donation will support the implementation costs of our EHR system.

Youth Homes is an integral part of the Contra Costa County system of care for children and families in need. These long-term, established partnerships and the services provided by Youth Homes, are both critical pieces in an overall effort to further integrate services, and provide coordinated and effective care that best meets the needs of our children and families. The benefits of an EHR are well documented and include: 1) Improved Patient Care, 2) Improved Care Coordination, 3) Practice Efficiencies and Cost Savings, 4) Increase Patient Participation, 5) Improved Diagnostics and Patient Outcomes (HealthIT.gov). In addition, EHR will greatly enhance the protection of client confidential information, and, with 14,000 fewer pieces of paper to shuffle, allow our clinicians to do what they are trained and want to do - spend more therapeutic time with their clients.


Discovering Passion: Enrichment Programs

A gift to the Enrichment Programs will fund youths’ participation providing them the opportunity to learn, explore, and grow.

Youth Homes is committed to innovative programming that aids in the healing process for youth. Currently, we offer three enrichment programs: summer garden jobs, equine, and photography programs. These initiatives are unique and powerful ways to learn employment and life skills while building confidence.



why youth homes deserves your support.

Homelessness is foster youths’ biggest challenge. As kids approach transition age, they need a safe place to live — to finish their education, find work, and launch their lives. 87% of transition age youth who participate in our TAY Full Service Program remain housed for a year.