Candy Espino


Candy began her tenure as Youth Homes CEO in December 2016. Prior to Youth Homes Candy served as Vice President and Director of Operations for the Arizona’s Children Association. In this role, she was responsible for leading both operations and strategic initiatives including, the Foster Care and Therapeutic Foster Care programs as well as Youth in Transition services. Candy also contributed to the rewriting of the Arizona statute for foster homes, group homes, and youth in transition services.

Candy has over 10 years of community based executive leadership experience with a strong emphasis on the importance of county based mental health services and social management. Over the last year, Candy has worked diligently to support the agency as we implement a Electronic Health Records system and expertly charts Youth Homes’ course as we navigate new waters created by the state Continuum of Care Reform.

youth homes has taught me:

Other than some new dance moves from the youth, I have learned that it truly is the bounce that counts. Watching both the youth, as well as our incredible team of Youth Homes employees, I see people stumble daily, as this is the nature of the work that we do. However, the bounce back, the positive attitude, and the belief in a person’s ability to change and grow is where the magic happens. I am honored to be a part of this experience.

youth homes' kids have taught me:

I have learned to never be surprised by our youth's resiliency and ability to believe that anything is possible, even in the face of extreme adversity and trauma. The Youth Homes' kids youth are amazing at teaching us how to live in the moment.. Adults tend to focus on so much that involves the future, or the past, we get set in our ways to some extent. Youth remind us to enjoy the now, be open minded, and focus on the simple things in life. I am grateful for that.


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