Kimberly Chilvers, MA/MFT


Kim Chilvers has over 30 years working with kids and families. Through her time at Youth Homes she has supervised all of our programs and has overseen the development of all our family based and community services. Her specialized post-graduate training has focused on effects of trauma and disorders in children and youth, as well as clinical supervision, including legal and ethical issues. In addition to her years in private practice and clinical work in various individual, group and community therapy settings, prior to her work with Youth Homes, Kim served as Community Outreach Coordinator and was co-founder of Homeless Children’s Network in San Francisco, was a Program Coordinator for Women’s Crisis Shelter in Santa Cruz, and served on the board of Dolores Street Community Services. She brings to Youth Homes unparalleled skills and experience not only in clinical supervision, but in direct care and counseling of abused, homeless and severely traumatized youth. Kim has worked at Youth Homes since 2000.

Education and Licensure
California MFT license #35296, granted in January 1999
MA—Psychology, New College of California, granted June 1993
BA—Psychology & Community Studies, University of California-Santa Cruz, June 1988


What I have learned from the kids

The kids we work with continue to amaze me with their resilience, their creativity, and their ability to sustain hope no matter what they have been through. They inspire me every day. 


my hope for youth homes

I believe Youth Homes will continue to provide the best quality services for foster youth and young people with emotional and behavioral challenges. My hope is our vision that Youth Homes is part of creating a world where former foster youth (and all youth) can lead healthy, productive and whole lives, my fantasy is for a better world for future generations and the hope to make that a reality.

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