Happy Young Hispanic Boy Ready for School

Keon's TBS Transformation

Every single day, the Youth Homes Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) team is out in the community working with youth and families to provide therapeutic interventions that reduce negative outcomes including; incarceration, hospitalization, and placement in the child welfare system. TBS supports youth and families to develop the skills necessary to achieve the best possible outcome: staying together.

Keon* was referred to Youth Homes by his elementary school. Sadly, Keon's bright and witty personality was being overshadowed by negative behaviors due to a history of trauma and mental health challenges. Unfortunately, these challenges created problems related to school--Keon frequently refused to attend school and when he did, his severe tantrums resulted in suspension.

Once TBS became involved, a treatment plan was created to help Keon learn to recognize and identify feelings while also developing the skills necessary to appropriately express his emotions. TBS, in collaboration with Keon’s school, also supported an assessment and advocated for a more appropriate school placement. Eventually, Keon moved to a Special Education class where he thrived. A smaller class size, more space to move, and teachers who understood the effects of trauma created a solid framework for Keon. Keon's attendance increased, he gained more control of his anxieties, and he learned the power of an apology. 

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*Name has been changed to protect privacy