Andersen Kitchen Renovation Revealed!


At our 2018 Hearts for Hope event, guests raised their paddles during our Fund-a-Hope for much needed Andersen House kitchen renovations at Andersen House, our home for female youth. The much-loved (and used!) tiny kitchen was dark and walled off from other areas of the house. Our goal was to raise enough money to renovate the kitchen into a space within which youth could gather, be nourished, learn life-skills (like cooking) and find respite from the stressors of life.

Spurred on by an incredible $50,000 match from the Youth Homes Auxiliary, we raised almost $119,000 to make the kitchen improvements!

Now that the renovations have been completed, we want to share the transformative change that this has had, not only on the physical space, but also on the staff, and of course the foster youth that reside within the home.

Just to remind you, here’s the ‘before’ of Andersen’s kitchen —————>


And… here’s the after!


It’s hard to believe it’s the same house! The kitchen, which is HUGE, is light and bright, and looks like it’s right out of a home decor magazine! With new appliances, quartz counters, beautiful flooring, and thoughtful design touches, like the custom made stools and countertop underhang, the transformation is gorgeous.

There’s now enough room for all youth to sit together to enjoy a meal, plenty of space for a couple of meals to be made at one time, and the best part, the kitchen is no longer walled off from the rest of the house, it now looks out into the living room!


This transformation is SO appreciated by the staff at Andersen, not only has it improved the aesthetic of their workplace, but it has also improved safety as staff can now operate in the kitchen while also keeping eyes on youth in the living room. For youth living here (now and in the future) the benefits are great: a large eat-in kitchen where everyone can eat together as a family, a lighter, brighter, ambience that helps with mood, and not to mention the feeling of value that comes from living in an visually attractive environment, which helps sets expectations on being respectful of the surroundings.

Thank you to everyone at 2018’s Hearts for Hope that helped made this remodel happen, your support means the world to us, and our youth. Thank you for your investment in Youth Homes, and your commitment to supporting foster youth.

2018 Fund-a-Hope Supporters: Andersen Kitchen Remodel

Youth Homes Auxiliary
Patricia Adamcek
Fredrick Arcari and Rossana Aguilar
Ann and Peter Appert
Cathy Barber
Christal Black
Caroline and Alan Bonny
Kathy and Rick Bowles
Mike Branco
Meghan Chapman
Elizabeth and Chris Chapple
Debra Coggins and John Kikuchi
Pat Collins
Paula Costa
Ryan Covay - KNBR
Chris Dix and Tricia Niven
Frank and Candy Espino
Peggy and Keith Fleming
Kim Chilvers and John Fox

Suzanne Garrett
Darlene Gayler
Beth and Roger Goldberg
Amy and Ross Goodheart
Stefano Joannidis
June Krug
Connie Kuranko
Elaine and Vince Lazo
Diane and Victor Leventhal
Melania Budiman and John Lie
Timothy McCreery and Patricia Patton
Fran McTamaney
Ute Medford
Glenn Meyer
Leslie and Gary Miller
Melissa Moehle
Molly Osgood
Niamh O'Shaughnessy
Valarie Pagnini

Jonathon Hanna and Sumner Weldon
Barbara Barron and Mark Hanna
Pearson Henri Matt and Anna Hurd
Gary and Carol Parkhurst
Phillip Pham and Yolanda Setiawan
Mari and Gary Reid
Valerie Ridgers
Alice Robertson
Rudney Associates
William and Martha Slavin
Molly Smith
Linda and Morris Spiegelman
Joan and Robert Stevenson
Jean Stringfellow
Maureen Sullivan
Rose Towery
Bill and Kristi Wallace
Rich Weisgal
Tim and Christine White

Our gratitude to Sharon Gerlach from My Two Designers, and our contractor, Patrick Cuesta.