Youth Homes' New Mission Statement

When Youth Homes was established in 1965, our primary focus was residential care for at-risk youth. Over the past 55 years, the Child Welfare system has transformed considerably, and as the system evolved, and the needs of our community shifted, so have we.

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Youth Homes now supports and empowers underserved youth, young adults, and families with a comprehensive continuum of care comprised of community-based mental health and transition-age youth services, workforce development, and enrichment programs.

As we reflected on the depth and impact of our work, we realized that our mission statement no longer reflected the work of Youth Homes today. Therefore, we began the process to develop a mission statement that truly captures the scope of our work.

Over the last nine months, we held focus groups that included voices from all levels of the organization, from direct line and clinical staff, executive team members, board members, and community stakeholders.

These groups worked together to create a mission statement that is a bold, dynamic, and thoughtful representation of WHO we serve and WHAT we do.

The result: 

Connect. Advocate. Empower.
Expanding opportunities for youth, young adult, and family well-being.

Give it a try! Say it out loud.

We’re proud of this new mission, and hope it inspires you as much as it does us. Join us in celebrating this positive change! And soon, you’ll begin to see it on marketing collateral and t-shirts--we can’t wait!