Family-based services


With family-based services we meet our youth and young adults where they are — at any given moment. Our mental health professionals travel throughout the county every single day, providing in-home services to support  youth transitioning back into a family setting or to prevent hospitalizations and out-of-home placements. We work with children and families together, helping them navigate challenges and opportunities. 


Three important programs provide family-based-care: 

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
TBS helps children, youth, parents, caregivers, foster parents, group home staff, and school personnel learn new ways of reducing and managing severe, high-risk behaviors, as well as strategies and skills to increase behaviors that will enable children and youth to succeed in their current environment. TBS uses short-term, focused interventions to achieve positive and measurable behavioral change.

Family Pathways (Katie A.) 
For children reunifying with their family or at risk of entering the foster care system, Family Pathways provides an extraordinary level of services: intensive care coordination, mental health service coordination, home-based behavioral services, and individual and family therapy. The team approach provides continuity of care, easing youth transition from residential treatment or foster homes to permanent family homes. 

Foster Family Agency (FFA)/Resource Family Agency (RFA)
Youth Homes is a licensed FFA and contracts with Contra Costa County to provide Intensive Treatment Foster Care. Services to our Foster Families include crisis intervention, behavioral coaching and counseling and 24/7 on-call support, in addition to general information and referral, training and certification. If you have interest in exploring what it means to become a foster or adoptive parent, check out our Foster/Adopt page.