Fiscal Year 2017 Donors

THANK YOU! We gratefully recognize our donors who gave between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017 in support of traumatized youth in our care.   


Visionary Cabinet

Leigh and Ivy Robinson

President's Cabinet
$50,000 - $74,999

Coit Family Foundation
Five Five Bridges Foundation
Victor and Anne Parachini
Youth Homes Auxiliary

President's Council
$25,000 - $49,999

The Dean and Margaret Lesher Foundation
Libby and Tom Edwards
Gemmer Foundation
Mark Hanna and Barbara Barron
The Morris Stulsaft Foundation
Steven and Cindi Nelson

Circle of Hope
$10,000 - $24,999

Ann and Peter Appert
Haley Family Trust
Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
The Joanne Taylor Trust
Alice Robertson
Rudney Associates

Guardian Angels
$5,000 - $9,999

Kathy and Rick Bowles
Bowles & Verna LLP
Denalect Alarm
David and Shirley Gemmer
Barbara and Stuart McCullough
Pacific Service Credit Union
Spectrum Wealth Partners
Janet and Gottfried Tittiger
Tajar Varghese
Janet Wisecarver
Briggs and Kathleen Wood

Honorary Coaches
$2,500 - $4,999

DeeDee and Charles Blankley
Debra Coggins and John Kikuchi
Chris Dix and Tricia Niven
First Community Bank
Lita Gloor and Dave Little
Daniel Goldberg
Justice, Justice Foundation
Konica Minolta/All Covered
Lafayette Community Foundation
Jenna Lampson
Lazarex Cancer Foundation
Stanley and Janet Maleski
Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency LLC.
The Mary Ellen Browning Memorial Trust
Sheri Mascorro
Patricia and Timothy McCreery
Carol and Gary Parkhurst
Pleasant Hill Coin & Jewelry Exchange
Robin and Charles Studebaker
Susan and Richard Hare Family Foundation
Tad Swida
Debbie and Fred Warren
ZAG Technical Services, Inc.

Dinner Table Donors
$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (2)
Sandra Abram
Alamo Women's Club
Cathy Barber
Gail Bardin
Jan Berckefeldt
Caroline and Alan Bonny
Gerrie and Dick Boucher
Suzanne and Kent Buckles
Elizabeth and Chris Chapple
Chevron Humankind
Nancy Claybaugh
Tracy Clinton
East Bay Independent Insurance Agents Association
Rich Ergo
Diana and Kent Godfrey
Jennifer and TJ Grossi
Hammons Strategies
HC Financial Advisors
Marilyn and William Hoenig
Laura Hoffman
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Jeff and Suellyn Johnson
Anne Jones
Jenifer and Grayson Kirtland
June Krug
Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
Richard Leavitt
Lincoln Financial Foundation Inc.
Peggy and Marty Mancebo
Glenn Meyer
Leslie and Gary Miller
Mike and Jennifer Moore
Mary and Scott Newman
Diane Sibley Origlia
Orinda Woman's Club
Valarie Pagnini
Pension Dynamics Company, LLC
Piper Jaffray
R&D Commercial Properties
Jeanne Rasmussen
Valerie Ridgers
Rotary Club Of Pleasant Hill
Susan Routledge and Frank Jackson
Lesley and Ralph Salo
San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
St. Perpetua Church
Diane and Harold Steuber
Virgina and Tom Steuber
Corry Stork
Jean Stringfellow
Maureen Sullivan
Linda Theuriet and Paul Remak
Audrey and Don Tormey
Tat Welcome
Lona and Ron Wyatt
Dara Youngdale and Steve Lovell
Peter Zolintakis and Renee Breber





Good Friends
$1 - $499

$500 - $999

Michael and Melissa Austin
Sharon and James Bach
Brad Barroso
Beau and Michele Bautista
Richard and Vickie Bogut
Melania Budiman and John Lie
Ashley Burke
Jared Burns-Coffin, State Farm
Jameela Carney
The Clorox Company
Brian Conant
Robert Davies
Aaron and Donna Davis
Destination Wealth Management
Jeffrey and Melinda Dieden
Distribution Publications
Dolan's Lumber Windows and Doors
Dr. Suzanne Dudeck and Mr. Gary Carter
Glenn Foster
Beth and Roger Goldberg
Janine and John Grenham
Grace and Peter Hartdegen
Heffernan Foundation
James Horan and Jonee Grassi
Marilyn and Luman Hughes
HydroScience Engineers, Inc.
Identity Fraud, Inc./ Bizlock Cyber Insurance
Margaret and Craig Isaacs
Torsten and Tineke Jacobsen
Nedda Janatpour
Glo and Jeff Johnson
Jeananne Kiper
Kang and Cariann Lim
Isabelle (I.V.) Lindskoog
Beverly and David Loder
LaVonne Lynch
Marie E. Cruess Charitable Trust
Connie Marks
National Center For Employee Ownership
Cheryl Noll and James Poole
North Main Tow
Nancy Olson
Sally and Don O'Neal
Ragen and Wayne Ortland
Carla Pancheco
Elaine Parkhurst
Jim Ponder
Michael Saenz
Thalia and Robert Siegel
William and Martha Slavin
Gerriann Smith
Ryan Spink and Shelby Howard
Mark and Tracy Thompson
Pat and John Todd
Calvin Tucker
Dan and Catherine Van Dyke
Elaine and Greg Wanket
Frieda and Leonard Warren
Westhoff, Cone & Holmstedt
Amy and Brandt Williams

Living Legends.

Living Legends are friends who have included Youth Homes in their will or estate plans. Planned gifts are designated to the Youth Homes’ Endowment to ensure resources will be available for the young people we serve. Thank you to our Living Legend members for their foresight and commitment to improve the lives of foster youth.

Anonymous (4)
Richard Bittner
Kathy and Rick Bowles
Peggy and Keith Fleming
Edith Henchey
Corinne Marks
Lorna Martyn
Barbara and Stuart McCullough
Leslie and Gary Miller
Valerie and Paul Ridgers
Ivy and Leigh Robinson
Joanne Taylor
Catherine (Tat) Welcome

donations in honor of2.jpg

Ann Appert, Stuart McCullough, and Youth Homes staff
Barbara Barron and Mark Hanna
Rick and Kathy Bowles
Ron Dyogi
Ty Essegian
Tina Essegian
Janice Foster
Dr. Roger Goldberg and Family
Hafner Vineyard
Pam Kinder
Kelly Levy
Lynn MacMichael and Howard Weamer
Karla McAvoy
Stuart and Barbara McCullough
Stuart McCullough
Carol Parkhurst
Gary Parkhurst
Linda Peterson
Ellie Shandalov's Bat Mitzvah social action project
Anna-rose Stebbins
Dena Williams
Joes Wolpert

Anonymous (8)
Carlene and Steve Abbors
Katy Abrahams
Percy Abram
Louis and Diane Acevedo
Dennis and Teresa Adler
Richard and Sherrie Aldinger
Richard Allen
Carol Altwarg
AmazonSmile Org Central
Christine and Robert Anderson
Sharon and Carl Anduri
Reuben Antman and Michelle Holcenberg
Janet and Mike Appel
Nancy and Donald Arington
Dee Assael
Brent Assink
Julie Atkinson
Craig Atwood
Lindsey Ayotte
Ruth Bailey
Ben and Shauna Balk
Bank Of The West
Gail and Curt Barmby
Helen Barron
Sharon Bartlett
Steven Baumgardner
Gloria Bautista
Taleesha Becker and Joseph Moore
Jody and George Benkly
Courtney Bennett
Lisa Cohen Bennett
Bob and Donna Berggren
Clarissa and Jim Bergmann
Eleanor and Mervin Bernier
Monica and Michael Bernstein
Larry Bernstein
Elizabeth Bishop
Richard Bittner
Jean Blankenship
Tom Blanks
Berding & Weil LLP
Sandra and Jim Bonato
Matt Bornstein
David and Jo Anne Bowie
Angela Bradford
Joel Brakebill and Ali Tormey
Michelle Breslin
Josh and Ria Brooks
AJ Brown
Marilyn Brown
Carol Bruen
Amalia Buckley
Megan Buckley
Jennifer and Jeff Budke
Christine Bunn
Carol and James Bunn
Barbara and Charles Bureker
John Burgh
Amanda Butler
Rick Callaway
Sharon and Steve Callaway
Richard and Norma Camp
Eleanor Canova-Davis
Lynda Caputo
Darren and Angela Cartwright
Jean Charlesworth
Kim Chilvers and John Fox
Robin Christensen
Linda Christenson
Olga and Stephen Clark
Jason Clause
Peter and Angela Coffee
Pat Collins
Leanne and Michael Colvin
Peggy and Thomas Conway
Kevin and Kathleen Coppersmith
Rosemary and Douglas Corbin
James and Sue Cosenza
Country Club Vista HOA
Melody Covay
Cheryl and Henry Cox
Freeman and Catherine Cullom
Amy and James Cummings
Paul Curtis
Faith and Robert Cushman
Claire Daggett
Christine D'Ambra
Kerry Dantzig
Beth Darrow
Marie Davis
Kim and Eitan Davora
Delicious Discoveries With Daniella Malfitano
Janice and Ray Depole
Denise and Gene Dolan
Sandy and John Donatoni
Dave and Karol Dondero
Susan and Michael Dougherty
Tommy and Ernestine Dowdell
Stephanie Downs
Paul and Diane Drain
Jeffrey and Margaret Dreyfus
Dudum Financial
Bill Durkin
Jean Dyess
East Bay Commercial Real Estate Women
Elizabeth Eldridge
Crystal Eng
Robert and Donna Engler
Murat and Rene Erdem
Annette Fairbanks
Patricia and Roger Falcone
Sean Fargo and Kasey Wilson
Joanne Filippini
Rosanne Fissore
John Fitzgerald
Christine and Joseph Flannigan
Ari and Helen Flechner
Peggy and Keith Fleming
Karen Flowers
Janice Foster
Kathy Frazier
Constance Freeland
Gail Frick
Beverly Friend
Debbie Fries
Sharon Fries
Terry Fries
Mike Gallego
Susan Gardenal
Jim Gemmer
Chris and Elena Georgiou
Donna Gerber
Cindy and Lance Gershen
Stacii and David Gerson
Carol and Chuck Glass
Becka and Michael Goldberg
Jennifer and Jeff Goldberg
Eleanor Goldstein-Erickson
Manuel Gonzalez and Colin Price
Tanuka and Ricky Gordon
Maggie Gordon and Josh Pettler
Cathleen Gorham
Michael Greene
Robert and Colleen Greenfield
Misha Gregory and Jason Seely
Greg Grossman
Roxanna Guzman
Samantha Hagar
Hamano and Associates
James Hammill
Anne Hammond



Sandra Abram
Paul Aichele
Alaska Airlines
Alborz Persian Restaurant
Maria Alexander
Zoe Alexander
Align Health
Aloha Mind Math
American Kitchen
Dianna Andrews
Ann and Peter Appert
Augustwolf Productions, Inc.
Aunt Mary's Café
Janeen Austria
The Bach Group
Anne Baker
Bar Cava
Alexis Barba
Cathy Barber
Bellanico Restaurant and Wine Bar
Kathy and Marc Berger
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Bette's Oceanview Diner
BJ's Restaurant
Blackhawk Country Club
Bloom Retreat
Kathy and Rick Bowles
Brand Via Alliance, Inc.
Brenden Theatre Corporation
Al and Betty Browning
Buckhorn Grill
Buttercup Grill & Bar
C.G. Di Arie Vineyard & Winery
Peggy and Bob Cabaniss
Cakebread Cellars
California Performances
California Pizza Kitchen
Rick Callaway
Canvas and Cabernet
Captain Vineyards
Charles Schulz Museum
Chow Restaurant
Linda Christenson
Claremont Hotel Club and Spa
Olga and Stephen Clark
Nancy Claybaugh
The Clean Sweep
Coffee Shop
Concannon Vineyard
Contemporary Jewish Museum
Contra Costa County Bar Juvenile Law
Corners Tavern
The Counter
Country Waffles
Crowell Properties
Natalia Cusick and Andy Robertson
Ann Cygielman
Lucas Dangler
Darren Jewelers

Caris and Molly Hanahan
Barbara Hanscome
Leslie and Christopher Harman
Darwin and Alexandra Harrison
Gregory Harrison
Kylie and Chandra Harrison
Dot and Ken Hattich
Ann and John Healy
Michael Heffernan
Donna Heimbruch
Lynne Heinrich and Dwight Jaffee
Edith Henchey
David Hendrickson
Harriette and Ronald Henrickson
Donna Herdman
Nancy Herney
Michael and Penelope Hickey
Amaya Hill
Judy Hirabayashi
Matt and Janet Hladek
Laura and William Hoban
Anne Hollander and Roger McCreery
Tielle and Benjamin Hough
Eileen and Ken Housfeld
Rondi and David Hurlbut
Bryan Hurlbut
Sophia Hyken
Barbara and Bill Ingraham
Robert and Susan Irwin
Heather Irwin
Jill and Dan Jarmel
Maureen Jennings
Randy and Shellie Jerome
Marily and Thomas Johnson
Carrie and Justin Johnson
R. Peter Johnson and Susan Marie Neyer
Terry and Robert Johnston
Mark and Kathy Jones
Jennifer Kamal
Jennifer Kaplan
Catherine and Alan Kaye
Judy Keenan
Gary and Carol Kefer
Pam Kinder
Kathleen Kinder-Leighton
Eva King
Michael and Marilyn King
Elizabeth King-Sloan
Richard and Christine Kirkpatrick
Jennifer Klein
Uzma Knouss
Annette Knox
Dale Kobsar
Mary Kolesar and Jeffrey Turner
Jeff Kragel
Mary and Anthony Kraintz
Mark Kress
Shelley Krompier
Ed Krug
Barbara Krummel
Pat and Bob Lamson
Jennifer and Jay Landgraf
Ben and Jonolyn Larson
Denise Larson
Cindy and Bob Latham
Elliott and Marcia Lavey
Kristen Lazzara
Ken and Fran Leach
Tammy Lee
Diane and Victor Leventhal
Jill Levine
Maria Lewis
Suzanne and Sheldon Lewis
Barbara and Gary Lewis
Dylan Lewis
Wendy Lichtman
Ken and Jayne Lindberg
Teresa and Richard Litton
Marjorie Livingston
Kevin and Karin Loar
Christine Logan
Celia Longworth
Kathleen Loss
Patty Lucas
Dale and Francine Lyall
Laura Lyons
Ronnie Mabou
Stanley E. Smith Insurance
Tobi Maguire
Jennifer Mahoney
Susanna and Adam Malatesta
Lori Manning
John and Kathy Marsh
Dick and Kathy Marshall
Barbara Marsh-Wetherell
Marilyn Matosian
Carl and Terri Matteo
Gray and Addie Mattox
Susan Mautner
Kathleen McAdam
Greg McAvoy
Ruth McAvoy
Yolanda McCollister
Alisa McCormack
Colleen McCullough
Eleanor McGinley
Sandra and John McGonigle
Geri McLaughlin
Delores McLaurin
Willard Meininger and Hollis Hoppe-Meininger
Paul and Roni Melmed
Jenet and Michael Mendonca
Pat and Frank Mighetto
Girl Scout Troop 33500
Randall and Alexis Miller
Anne and Mark Mitchell
Jeffrey and Jennifer Moeller
Marie Montoya
Sharon and James Moore
Stephen and Deborah Moose
Andrew and Logan Moose
Jody Morgan
Sandra Moriarty
Jerry S. Mosher
Abigail Murphy
Stephen and Stephanie Murphy
Colleen Naldoza
Kimberly Nearon
Kendra Scott
Mark and Andrea Nichols
Kay C. Nicholson
Suzie and Dan Noal
Michael Nolan
Kristi and Mark Nolan
Millad Nooraei
Kay and Bill Norman
Carla and Jim Nunes
Sean and Debra O'Brien
David Ogden
Jack Olwell
Abbie O'Niell
Teresa and John Onoda
Raul and Jennifer Ortega
Jeanne and Harry Parham
Vanessa and Stephen Parkhurst
Mary Patel
Withbert Payne
Julie Peck
Deborah Pelegrini
Laurel Pendleton
Linda and Ken Peterson
Kristin and Tom Peterson


In-kind gifts

David Mascorro Photography
Del Cielo Brewing Co.
Laurie Delaney & Gary Burkholder
Delicious Discoveries With Daniella Malfitano
Diablo Magazine
Diva Nails & Spa
Nicole Doty
Robin Doty
Bill Duffy
Katherine Eckroad
Effortless Hostess
Electro Imaging Systems Inc.
Encore Consumer Capital
Encore Gym
Epicurean Exchange
Nathan Farris
Fast Frame Lafayette
Peggy and Keith Fleming
Sue Flood
Frankie, Johnny & Luigi Too!
Amy Furman
Eileen Gaspar
Phyllis Genzoli
Kunka Gesheva
Nancy Glenfield
The Golden Skate
Amy and Ross Goodheart
Grateful Gatherings
Habitot Museum
Lori Hack
Hafner Vineyard
Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant
Harvest Inn By Charlie Palmer
Helen Hayes
Lauren and Daniel Hlebakos
Pat and Doug Holmes
Martha Honda
In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Kay Isola
J&J's Final Coat Paint
Larry and Ann Kaye
Kendra Scott
Kiper Homes
Jenni and Dan Kirshman
Yuliya Korentsvit
June Krug
La Mediterranee
Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church
Lamorinda Tooth Buds
Brooks and Jamie Laudin
Lawrence Hall of Science
Kristen Lazzara
Monica Lippis
Little River Inn
Livermore Valley Wine Trolley
Peggy and Marty Mancebo

Margaret and Nathan Pettit
Ruth and Charlie Pettler
Clint and Sue Phalen
Anne Pieper
Jasinta Pister and Richard Whitmore
Wendy Pohlmann
Victoria and Ron Polivka
Phillip Prasek
Donna Preece
Jeffrey Price
Mary Ann Price
Nola Proll
James and Nadine Pursiano
R. and R. Therapeutic Massage
Dave and Sharon Ramos
Barbara and Donald Raymond
Sonjia Gregory Redmond
Jeremy Reichard
Joan Richards
Lucille Richey
Pamela Z. Rigg
Matthew Rinn
Robert Roach
Francie Roberts
Alton and Kathleen Robinson
Dan and Lynn Robinson
Georgene and John Rostkowski
Rosalinda and Earl Rupp
Marlene and Jonathan Sakol
Laurie Salen
Antonio Sanchez
Kari and Daphne Saragusa
Kim Scala
Ira and Denise Schaffer
Ilene and Andrew Scharlach
Lee Scher
Patricia Schryver
Jody and Martin Schultz
Stewart and Bette Schuster
Gena Schwartz
Jane Scott
Ruth and Jack Sechler
Christine and Fred Seely
Jana Serezlis
Faina and Lev Shandalov
James and Grace Shandalov
Beverly Shearer
Cameron Shearer
Ninon Shesgreen
Troy Sicotte
Susan Simkin
Edward and Ann Simpson
Walter B. Simpson
Kerri Skinnell
Randy Skinner
Janice and Gary Sliemers
Bart and Pavna Sloan
Larry Sly
Lynda Snell
Joan Sorensen
Janice Spampinato
Ann B. Spaulding
Lisa Spence
Joan Spiegel
Linda and Morris Spiegelman
Barbara and James Stedman
Kim and Hank Stern
Nancy and Roy Stotts
Amy Stuffmann
Carol Sturman
Mary Suilmann and Rick Crispino
Mary P. Sullivan
Suzanne Sullivan
Matthew and Cynthia Swinnerton
Jean Tajima
Margaret and Mike Teeter
Stephenie and Dan Teichman
Stephanie Temples
Mary Terjeson
Michael Thelen
Ann and Norman Thelwell
Janet and Ramsay Thomas
Claudine Thomas
Lynn Thull
Robert and Beth Thurlow
Pam and Bill Thurston
Tice Valley United Methodist Women
Scott and Kathy Tober
Kay Todd
Felipe Toledo
Bettie Tomchalk
Barbara and Ed Tonningsen
Christy Tormey
Bron and Heather Torres
Tim and Pam Toupin
Margaret Tunnell and John Reed
Joan Upshaw
Temre and Jacob Uzuncan
Jennifer and Craig Van Dyke
Shaina Van Pelt
Lauren Vansickle
Munish and Jessica Vasisht
Selene Vasquez
Julianne Viadro
Gene and Virginia Voelkel
Marilyn Voland
W. Bradley Electric, Inc.
Dustin Wade
Bill and Ginger Wadsworth
Steve and Janet Wagner
Joy and Robert Wahrhaftig
Frances and Stephen Wallace
Jill and Bill Wallace
Carol Walsh
Amalie N. Walz
Norman and Eleanor Ward
Julia Watada
Scott and Kelly Watanabe
Anne Webster
Sandra L. Weck
Suzanne Weeks
Lynn and Patsy Weis
Rich Weisgal
Kevin and Sunshine Welch
David Wendt
Thomas and Rosamund Wentling
Gary Weyemann
Carol and Charles Whiteneck
Mark and Judy Wiesendanger
Barbara and Mark Wille
Elizabeth and Robert Williams
Dana Williamson
Karen Winfrey
Kimberly Wirtz
Kim Hernandez and Mark Withrow
Lisa Wiley Woelfel
Mick and Chris Wokich
Brenda and Victor Wong
Jennifer and Ray Wong
Patricia Wood
Mary-Jane Wood
Brad Wood
Workday, Inc.
Karen Worth
Amy and Tom Worth
Daniel and Cathleen Worthington
Susan Wright and Jerry Mosher
Barbara and James York
Joe and Tina Young
Renee Zaloumis
Mark Zawadzki
Samantha and Josh Zupan


Marines' Memorial Association
Market Hall Foods
Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency LLC
Barbara and Stuart McCullough
MCE Clean Energy
Meadowood Napa Valley
Leslie and Gary Miller
Mindful Littles
Mike and Jennifer Moore
David and Rebecca Mowry
Mt. Diablo Unified School District
Rachel Murphy
Napa Valley Wine Train
Ann Newman
Larrie R. Noble
North Bay Brewery Tours
Oakland East Bay Symphony
Janice Oeming
Sally and Don O'Neal
Opa! Authentic Greek Cuisine
P2P Transformation Center
Pacific Diversified Insurance Services, Inc
Pacific Service Credit Union
Valarie Pagnini
Carla Pancheco
Carol and Gary Parkhurst
Peju Province Winery
Raquel Pena
Pier 39
Project 180 Ministries
Rancho Colorados Swim & Tennis Club
Renaissance Club Sport
River Terrace Inn
Pam and Nick Robinson
San Francisco Bay Adventures
SF Ballet
Kelley Shore
Elizabeth Siamas
Mary Sievers
Silver Oak Cellars
Snoopy's Home Ice
Sonoma & Napa Valley Bike Tours
Sonoma Raceway
Robert and Karen Springsteen
St. George Spirit's
St. Mark's Lutheran Church
Starmont Winery and Vineyards
Steve Silver Productions, Inc.
Sunrise Bistro & Catering
The Taylor Family Foundation
Tickets For Kids
Audrey and Don Tormey
Urban Plates
V. Sattui Winery
Vanessas Bistro
Julianne Viadro
Claudia and Bob Waldron
White Pony Express
The Woodhouse Day Spa
Youth Homes Auxiliary

donations in memory of.jpg

Michael Benkly
Nan Darrow
Catherine Dreyer
John Galletti
Emmogene D. Haley
Frances B. Ketterer
Miler Gloor Magrath
Lorna Martyn
Molly and Charles McCambridge
Pat Peterson
Sarah Platt
Sheri Lynn Reed
Paul Ridgers
Mary Anne Roach
Leigh Robinson
Ivy Robinson
Ivy and Leigh Robinson
Joanne Taylor
John Vojvoda
Lorene Williamson